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US Navy removes Confederate flag from all bases

Following Marine Corps order to ban Confederate battle flags at all Marine installations, the US Navy announced that is working on the flag’s removal within its bases, ships, aircraft, and submarines.

US navy sailor dies due to COVID-19

Amid the COVID-19 situation, a crewmember onboard the aircraft carrier “USS Theodore Roosevelt” lost his life of complications related to the disease. In fact, the sailor was the first active-duty military member which died due to coronavirus.

US Navy, Royal navy on COVID-19

The Royal Navy and the US Navy are assisting in the rally of the COVID-19 pandemic, in helping the onshore response effort in the civilian world.

US Navy warning: COVID-19 facilitates cyber scams

Among other disruptions globally, the COVID-19 pandemic presents an opportunity for malicious actors to conduct spearphishing campaigns, financial scams, and disinformation campaigns via social media, the US Navy warned. 

US Navy School closed after third COVID-19 case

The Training Support Command (TSC) San Diego reported its closure on March 14, after a third Sailor had been positively tested for Coronavirus (COVID-19). Specifically, the school stated that a sailor from USS Essex that was attending a course at Training Support Command (TSC) San Diego tested positive for COVID-19.

US Navy to protect sailors from cyber threats

The US Navy recently launched a new program in order to advise sailors and their relatives of potential adversarial threats in the digital field. In fact, the program will focus on the cyber vulnerabilities, including adversaries’ ability to target and track individual sailors on social media.


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