In fact, the Electric Fast Foil Ferry project aims to design a model for a high-speed passenger ferry powered by battery-electric and installed with low-emission technology.

What is more, the initaitve goals to establish a replicable business model for fast ferry passenger service, while reduce noise and air pollution and help protect endangered Southern resident orcas.

Through the funding, US FTA will support the efforts of the project to electrify state and regional ferries.

At the same time, the grant funding will enable Kitsap Transit and Washington Maritime Blue Fast Foil Ferry Team to study the feasibility of a regional public-private strategy and solve challenges related to technical, safety, operational and financial feasibility.

In light of the above, Senator Cantwell wrote in a letter of support to Acting FTA Administrator K. Jane Williams in June, highlighting:

The innovative foil ferry offers a safe, reliable and cost-effective transportation option, while minimizing the environmental impact on air, water quality and marine life. This is critically important to improving mobility while protecting our environment. Of particular importance, the reduction in vessel noise is a key goal in the protection of Southern resident orcas, which are listed as endangered under the Endangered Species Act.

Concluding, the funding for Kitsap Transit comes from the FTA’s Accelerating Innovative Mobility (AIM) program, which encourages innovation in the transit industry by promoting forward-thinking approaches to improve financing, system design and service.