New eco-yacht launched for navigation in marine protected areas

The Italian shipyard VSY launched a motor yacht that incorporates environmental systems to allow navigation in marine protected areas. The 64 meter-long motor yacht Atomic is equipped with a dynamic positioning system designed to minimize the impact on the seabed when anchoring.

Lessons learned: Sailing in shallow waters leads to grounding

In its latest Safety Digest, the UK MAIB describes a case of a yacht grounding during an ocean race. With respect to this incident, MAIB advised that every vessel sailing at sea needs a passage plan that has identified all potential hazards for the voyage ahead.

Fatal fall onboard pleasure yacht attributed to alcohol

Transport Malta MSIU issued an investigation report on a fatal fall onboard the pleasure yacht ‘La Polonia’, while moored at Porto Maurizio, Italy. On the morning of 4 July 2018, the chief stewardess was found lying on the floor of her cabin, unresponsive, with her legs on the stairs.

UK: 11 died due to not wearing a lifejacket in 2018

A total of 11 people drowned in 2018 in UK because they did not wear a lifejacket or a buoyancy aid. This is one of the main findings of this year’s Casualty Review Panel, who met earlier this year to discuss last year’s maritime fatalities. 

New partnership commits to welfare of superyacht crews

UK-based seafarer welfare charity The Mission to Seafarers announced cooperation with superyacht brokerage house Burgess, to establish a welfare support network for superyacht crew, representing an industry first in the maritime industry.

Lessons learned: Man overboard fatality from world racing yacht

UK MAIB issued an investigation report on the fatal man overboard incident involving the UK registered world racing yacht ‘CV30’ approximately 1500 nm west of Fremantle, Australia. Simon Speirs was initially secured to the yacht, but before he could be recovered his safety tether hook distorted and suddenly released. 

New yacht to be created, boosting sustainability at sea

SeaDream Innovation received a USD $1.8 million grant for creating the revolutionary vessel from Enova, an organization owned by the Norwegian Ministry of Climate and Environment, responsible for the promotion of environmentally friendly production and consumption of energy.

Super yachts facilities at Port of Amsterdam to be upgraded

The shipyard, Royal Van Lent, plans to upgrade its facilities at the Port of Amsterdam, aiming to enable the build of larger super yachts of up to 160 meters in length. Under this upgrade, Trelleborg’s marine and infrastructure operation has supplied one Gina gasket to the facility’s new floating dry dock.

30 million euro yacht falls at sea during its transmit

Brattingsborg, a general cargo vessel, was transmitting the ‘My Song’ yacht from the Caribbean to Genova; Yet, according to sources, the yacht was lost at sea on Saturday night, May 25, after slipping from the transportation ship in the Mediterranean.

Denmark launches new boat safety campaign

The Norwegian Sea Safety Council has launched a new campaign to increase boating safety. In the coming weeks, ports throughout Denmark will be equipped, among others, with signs at the exit and on the boat bridges, to encourage recreational sailors and fishermen to take skipper responsibility.