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Tribunal decides on what is a good weather description

As Steamship Mutual informs, according to a recent reported arbitration, a Tribunal considered a good weather description which referred to both Douglas sea state and significant wave height in a charterparty performance warranty. The parties agreed that it was difficult to reconcile 'significant wave height' and 'douglas sea state'. However, they disagreed on how the two phrases could be read together.

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Information on port Beira, Mozambique after the cyclone

The Swedish Club informed that the port of Beira has sustained only limited damages, but the roads are still not accessible due to the flooding. Specifically, on March 14, the Central region of Mozambique and most particularly the city of Beira were heavily affected by Cyclone IDAI. There has been extensive wind and water damage to the city and surrounding area with loss of lives, property and no electricity and water available.

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Cruise ship heels over due to wind gust

The cruise ship Norwegian Escape experienced strong wind gust during its voyage on March 3, which resulted to a cosmetic damage in the interior of the vessel, whereas several passenger injuries. Just before midnight the cruise ship experienced unexpected weather phenomena, in the form of sudden, extreme gust of wind, estimated at 100 knots. The weather resulted to the ship heeling to the port side.

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Insight on Polar Vortex breakdown

Polar Vortex, a pattern of high-altitude winds in the Arctic, weakened resulting to frigid air over North America and Europe in the second half of January 2019. Although the Arctic ice sea extent remained below average, temperatures in the far north were closer to average than in past years. Specifically, Arctic sea ice extent for January averaged 13.56 million square kilometers (5.24 million square miles). This was 860.000 square kilometres less in comparison to 1981 to 2010 long-term average sea ice extent, and 500.000 square kilometres above the record low for the month set in January 2018.

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Port of Dampier continues operations as cyclone passes

Port of Dampier located in Pilbara of Western Australia continues operations after cyclone 'Riley'. Pilbara ports Authority published an update on January 28 that the shipping operations at the port of Dampier have resumed in a stage manner, with all inner anchorages opened. Because of the cyclone, Australian's Pilbara Ports Authority cleared major ports under preparations for the cyclones.

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