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Wallem appoints Frank Coles as the new CEO

Wallem Group announced that Frank Coles has agreed to join Wallem as its new Chief Executive Officer. Mr. Coles  will replace outgoing CEO, Simon Doughty, who announced his decision to step down earlier this year. The handover will take place at the end of October.

Wärtsilä acquires Transas

Finnish Wärtsilä acquired the UK based Transas. The transaction is valued at 210m Euros and is expected to be closed during the second quarter of 2018. This transaction is part of Wärtsilä’s attempt to expand its Smart Marine Ecosystem vision. Transas has 22 regional offices worldwide and a distribution network that spans 120 countries.

Industry must adapt to new demands or ‘we will get bitten badly’

Shipping industry needs to abandon old-fashioned structures and adapt to the realities of the modern world and the demands of the next generation, argued Frank Coles, CEO, Transas during Transas Global Conference in Vancouver last week. A significant progress in maritime technology was noted in the last 12 months, but real change is yet to come, he added.

Transas CEO receives 2018 SMART4SEA Leadership Award

SAFETY4SEA is pleased to announce that Mr. Frank Coles has received the 2018 SMART4SEA Leadership Award Award at the prestigious 2018 SMART4SEA Awards Ceremony which successfully concluded on January the 30th, the evening ahead of the SMART4SEA Conference, at Yacht Club of Greece in Athens.

Transas Global Conference to plot new course for maritime industry

Moving from smart talk to practical solutions and learning from other industries will be the twin themes of Transas Global Conference 2018 in Vancouver in 6-8 March. The conference will discuss three elements of change: the economic factors around the business model and operations; the technologies that are available; and the impact on the human element.

European shipowners welcome digitalisation of transport

European shipowners welcomed the digitalisation of transport. Transport Council’s conclusions emphasize the importance of digitalisation for the European economy and competitiveness and confirms the EU’s ambition to become a global leader in this area.

Transas's survival craft simulator to address lifeboat drill risks

Transas introduced a new Survival Craft Simulator to prepare crew on possible scenarios that can occur during lifeboat drills, aiming to address one of the most notorious kind of accidents in shipping. The simulator features a virtual model of a totally enclosed davit-launched, self-righting lifeboat.

Maritime industry is ready to embrace automation

On the occasion of the Day of the Seafarer, Frank Coles, CEO of Transas, talks about the impact of the digital technologies on seafarers’ role and welfare. Mr. Coles suggests that digitalization and automation will transform the industry by enhancing safety, but these are not enough to solve all safety-related problems, as crews with right skills and training is what the sector really needs.

ECDIS: Frozen in time

ECDIS was ahead of its time until the regulators got involved. Now it’s at risk of becoming a dinosaur, argues Transas CEO Frank Coles.

Rapid technological change forces industry to rethink its role

The Transas Global Conference was successfully concluded earlier this month in Malta addressing the imminent technological changes that are forcing shipping to rethink its role within the global supply chain. Frank Coles, CEO, Transas, opened the two-day Transas Global Conference in Malta highlighting the possibilities and pitfalls of the maritime sector’s fragmented approach to digitalization, and offering an integrated vision for the future of shipping.

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