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Building Resilience: Respect yourself and others when using the Internet

Internet is a vital component for every seafarer, in order to make their time onboard ship more enjoyable. Communication with family and friends, podcasts, and entertaining videos, are only some of the actions internet provides to crew. However, while being online, all individuals must advocate positive behavior. This means to stand up for peers online, report cases of cyber bullying, and watch out what they post in social media.

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How does crew social health affects ship safety

The problem of ensuring the safety and health of seafarers has been for many years a great matter of concern to governments, ship owners and seafarers. Despite the progress that has been made in this field over the years, seafaring remains a risky occupation. But how about the social life of seafarers? Does it have any connection with their safety? And if so, what can be done to ensure a continuous safe environment?

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5 key tips to use social media wisely when you work at sea

Everyone can agree that social media and the internet have infiltrated our everyday lives. In fact, both of them play a massive part in checking our news, searching for jobs, and connecting with others. However, when you are at sea, social media can be a little tricky. Despite the undisputable importance social media have for seafarers in order to talk with their people, their use requires a certain level of caution.

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