Ben Tyler

Ben Tyler

Claims Manager, London P&I Club – Ben studied law at Cardiff University Law and went on to study for a Masters degree in Medical Law. After completing his Masters, Ben moved to Greece. After a year of travelling around Greece and teaching English to children of all ages, he started as a claims handler for a maritime claims consultancy based in Piraeus. He worked there for 10 years, handling claims for a largely Greek, Turkish and Ukrainian clientele. In 2018, Ben joined the Piraeus office of the London P&I Club as a Claims Manager. His work there covers a broad range of P&I and FDD matters for the predominantly Greek membership. Ben is particularly drawn to matters with a ‘human element’ and regularly participates in club initiatives, industry seminars and events that focus on crew health and wellbeing and the importance of the member-crew relationship.

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Wellness Corner: Ben Tyler, London P&I Club

Ben Tyler, Claims Manager, London P&I Club, explains that wellness means different things to different people, but ultimately involves prioritizing one's health and engaging in activities that improve personal well-being. He emphasizes the importance of investing in quality sleep, noting that he feels much better since purchasing a new bed, experiencing fewer aches and pains as a result.

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