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Watch: Researchers find intact 500-year-old shipwreck

Using advanced underwater robotics, an international team of scientists has revealed the remains of an intact shipwreck from the Early Modern Period (late 15th – early 16th century) in the Baltic Sea. The project comes as a result of the ongoing partnership between MMT and the University of Southampton.

Watch: Partners to present Titanic wreck in 3D image

Partners are to use 3D techniques to present the first ultra-high-resolution images of Titanic wreckage for scientists and the general public. A group of organizations will apply advanced underwater imaging technology to monitor and document the wreck that was discovered in 1985.

Watch: Underwater survey of Australian submarine wreck

In April 2018, a joint US and Australian expedition has provided images of the ‘HMAS AE1’, Australia’s first submarine, which lies on the seafloor off the Duke of York Islands, in Papua New Guinea. The Royal Australian Navy’s submarine was lost at sea with all hands on 14 September 1914, and its fate had remained a mystery until discovery in December 2017.

Watch: Wreck removal of boxship ‘TS Taipei’

Royal Boskalis Westminster issued a video depicting how it removed the wreck of the ‘TS Taipei’ offshore Shimen, in north of Taiwan. The container ship was en route en route from Taiwan’s Keelung to Taichung in March 2016, when it suffered an engine failure, ran aground, split at two and sank.

Wreck removal of Baltic Ace

On 5 December 2012, the car carrier Baltic Ace sank with more than 1,400 cars on board after a collision with a container ship near the entrance of the main shipping lane leading to Rotterdam port. Rijkswaterstaat contracted Boskalis and its partner Mammoet Salvage for the wreck removal operation.

Ancient shipwrecks found in one spot

A joint Greek-American team of underwater archaeologists have found 22 ancient shipwrecks around Fourni, a small Greek archipelago. Learn more…


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