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IntelliTug autonomous project completes its sea trials

The technology group Wärtsilä in collaboration with PSA Marine successfully completed IntelliTug project’s sea trials. In fact, through their initiative both sides aim to further enable autonomous navigation.

Lessons Learned: Always double-check the passage plan

The Swedish Club’s Navigational Claims issue highlights the importance of double-checking the vessel’s passage plan to ensure that the vessel’s navigational path is correct according to all data entered into the navigational equipment. 

Cargo vessel grounds on channel buoys as no one monitors vessel position

The Swedish Club presents another collision incidents from its Navigational Claims issue, according to which a dry cargo vessel collided on channel buoys, as none of the seafarers onboard were checking the position of the vessel on the chart, radar, or by any other means than visually.

European mission in Strait of Hormuz starts operations

According to the French Misnistry of Armed Forces, the European Maritime Awareness in the Strait of Hormuz (EMASoH) is from now on operational in the Strait of Hormuz. The mission aims to boost and ensure the freedom of navigation in the Arabian-Persian Gulf area.

Ten tips to improve situational awareness onboard

The Nautical Institute issued its newest edition of The Navigator focusing on the importance of Situational Awareness as a key component of safe navigation. Maintaining good situational awareness can be challenging and there are many things on a bridge that can cause distraction or overload.

Practices for safer e-navigation operations

While incidents at sea continue spreading ahead, a primary cause is the failure to check properly the operation of electronic navigational aid(s), Skuld Club reported. In order to avoid such accidents, the bridge team must be fully aware of the operating principals and each equipment in use and verify the factors that may impact the accuracy of the information displayed.


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