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Somali pirates release crew after more than five years

Somali pirates released three Iranian crew members, after more than five years in captivity, according to data provided by ISWAN. The three hostages, who were held for 1,975 days by Somali pirates, safely arrived at Tehran.

Nigerian navy saves three sailors kidnapped by pirates

Following the piracy attack upon the oil dredger “Ambika” in the waters of the Niger Delta several days ago, the Nigerian navy officially informed that managed to rescue the three kidnapped sailors. Specifically, the kidnapped crewmembers were saved in an operation late Tuesday by a navy team in the southwestern coastal state of Ondo.

Injured crew member of “Happy Lady” returns to Greece

The injured crew member of the Greek-flagged tanker “Happy Lady” returned to Greece on 7 January, about a week after the ship became subject of a piracy attack while at Limboh port in Cameroon. The piracy attack on 31 December 2019 resulted to the abduction of eight crew members. 

First CAT 2 incident in 2019 off Indonesia, crew held hostage

In its weekly report for 21-27 May, ReCAAP ISC reported two armed robberies against ships in Asia. One of them is CAT 4, which means the perpetrators were not armed, and the crew not harmed, but the other one was a CAT 2, which means a moderately significant incident, with crew held hostage. Both incidents occurred in Indonesia. 

Twelve crew kidnapped off Congo released after two months of captivity

The 12 seafarers, who were kidnapped by pirates from the Panamanian-flagged tanker ‘Anuket Amber’ and the anchor handling tug supply vessel ‘Ark Tze’ in October off Congo, have been released and are all safe, the managers of the vessels confirmed in an official statement.

Hijacked tanker found, all 22 crew safe and well

The tanker ‘Marine Express’, which had been missing in the Gulf of Guinea since Friday and was feared to be hijacked by pirates, is now back under the command of the captain and crew, with all crew members reported to be safe.

Abu Sayyaf release two kidnapped fishermen

Two Indonesian fishermen abducted by Abu Sayyaf terrorist group more than a year ago were released last Friday and were handed over from the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry to their families. The two men were kidnapped on 5 November 2016, while sailing in Malaysia’s waters of Sabah.

Pirates release abducted tanker, all crew safe

The Marshall Islands-flagged tanker ‘MT Barrett’ has been released from pirates, after captivity of six days, with all crew reported as safe, the owner company Union Maritime informed. The announcement comes only after a day the company confirmed that the missing tanker had been subject of a piracy attack in Gulf of Guinea.

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