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Port of Savannah has the largest crane fleet in North America

Georgia Port Authority informed that Port of Savannah received three Neo-Panamax ship-to-shore cranes, increasing its total to 36. In fact, through this expansion, the port has the largest crane fleet as a single container terminal located in North America.

Panama Canal implements draught restrictions

Following Panama Canal’s implementation of “Freshwater Charge” for ships transmitting the canal from 15 February 2020, the authorities announced that from 30 March 2020, the Maximum Authorized Draft for vessels transiting the Neopanamax locks will be 13.87 m (45.5 feet), Tropical Fresh Water (TFW), due to low water levels.

Do you know how to distinguish an Aframax from a Panamax vessel?

There are several variations related to ships sailing on high seas. Panamax vessels, Aframax vessels, and Suezmax vessels are some of the most prevalent types. But what do they mean and what kind of ships do they represent? Well, the answer is relatively easy, and it lies on the area that each ship caters.

Panama Canal further reduces maximum draft for Neopanamax locks

The Panama Canal Authority announced on Friday, May 3, its sixth reduction in draft for 2019, to a maximum 43 feet for the Neopanamax locks on Gatun Lake, in light of the continuous decrease of the water levels. The reduction will come into effect from May 28. The Canal always informs customers for adjustments at least four weeks in advance, to allow time for proper planning.

Panama Canal further decreases maximum draft for Neopanamax locks

Starting from 30 April 2019, the Maximum Authorized Draft for vessels transiting the Neopanamax locks will be 13.41 meters (44.0 feet) TFW, the Panama Canal Authority announced. The Draft was estimated based on the present and projected levels of Gatun Lake for the following weeks. 

Expanded Panama Canal achieves 1.000 operation days

The expanded Panama Canal met on March 22, 1.000 days of operation, exceeding expectations and redefining global trade routes. From the first days of its operations in 2016, the waterway saw an increase in cargo tonnage, as a result of the transfer of new segments and new line services.

Panama Canal reduces maximum draft for Neopanamax Locks

As of 11 February 2019, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) will restrict the maximum draft for ships transiting the Neopanamax locks to 14.94 meters (49 feet), due to particularly little amount of rain which caused record-low water levels. 

Panama Canal reaches 5,000 neopanamax transits

The Panama Canal achieved a new record on December 10, as the 5,000th neopanamax ship transited the canal. Namely, ‘COSCO Faith’, a 366 meters long container ship, transited the canal in a southerly direction from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean.

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