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Arthur L. Diskin

Arthur L. Diskin

Arthur L. Diskin, M.D. FACEP is President and CEO of Quality Medical Management. QMM serves as a direct provider of consultative services and is the parent organization for Dr. Diskin and his associates' ventures in five sectors: 1) Cruise, Maritime and Global Healthcare Consulting and Expert Witness Assessments; 2) Emergency Medicine Clinical and Organizational Consulting and Expert Witness Assessments; 3) Risk and Claims Management for Emergency Medicine physicians, hospitals and malpractice insurance carriers as well as Cruise Lines and other maritime conveyances and P&I Clubs; 4) Public Health Consulting and Technical/Software Solutions including COVID-19, Norovirus and Legionella 5) Complex case management consultations regarding management and repatriation of crew

Dr. Diskin is on the clinical and teaching staff at Jackson Memorial Hospital - the University of Miami affiliate, Maintaining emergency and critical care clinical activity is central to Dr. Diskin's other activities. Dr. Diskin is available for expert witness evaluations in emergency and cruise ship medicine through South Beach Medical Consulting.

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AP Companies: Medical challenges in treating crew and guests on cruise ships

In his role as Global Chief Medical Officer for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines for eight years and as a consultant and ultimately Medical Director for Carnival Cruise Lines for 15 years prior to that, Arthur L. Diskin, M.D., FACEP was able to witness tremendous advances in the delivery of medical care aboard cruise ships and help develop and participate in many of those advances.

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