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Non-compliance with safe working practices leads to fatal fall onboard

JTSB issued an investigation report on a crew member fatal fall onboard the cargo ship ‘Erik’, in September 2018. The investigation stressed that the crew was working in unstable posture on the ladder and that the company was insufficient in monitoring that crew members clearly understood Ladder guidelines. 

Fatal fall from accommodation ladder attributed to poor safety culture

The Government of Luxembourg’s AET issued a report on the fatal occupational accident on the chemical oil tanker Nabucco on 26 June 2017. The Chief Officer was working alone on the platform of the accommodation ladder, when he fell between the vessel and the quay into the water.

BPA: Shipping needs stronger leadership on safety issues

Following reports of a number of instances where defective pilot ladders were identified on foreign ships visiting British ports and the regular use of dangerously weighted heaving lines by some vessels at UK ports, the British Ports Association (BPA) has called on the international shipping community to face up to these ongoing safety issues.

Recommendations for safe use of gangways and ladders

In the light of a recent death of a vessel pilot who died when a gangway separated from a vessel, USCG issued a marine safety alert describing measures to ensure safe operation when it comes to gangways and ladders. This reminds that shipboard equipment that seems quite benign can quickly become a hazard.

Fatal fall from ladder highlights the importance of safety equipment

In its latest Safety Scenario, the Swedish Club presents an accident where a stevedore lost his life after falling from a ladder. The stevedore was climbing up the ladder using only one hand as he had a tea cup in the other, which could not fit in his boiler suit pocket, and he was not wearing a safety harness as well.

Two technicians fall from poorly maintained pilot ladder

UK MAIB describes a pilot ladder incident in its latest Safety Digest. Three engineering technicians were ready to disembark a bulk carrier, using a pilot ladder. When two of the technicians were on the ladder, it failed and the two of them fell from a respectable height. Both were transferred to hospital, as they had sustained injuries.

Crewman’s deadly fall from height associated with poor risk assessment

Transport Malta’s MSIU issued an investigation report on the fatal fall of a crew man onboard the Maltese-registered bulk carrier ‘Pompano’, in Port Hedland Anchorage, Australia, in April 2017. The investigation found that the crew member lost his footing and grip whilst carrying out repairs on the ladder. 

Lessons learned after fall from generator platform

In UK Club’s latest ‘Lessons Learned’ publication, Capt. David Nichol presented and analyzed a fall of a duty engineer, during a routine task onboard a container ship. The incident highlighted issues regarding the necessity of using intermediate guard rails when working aloft, as well as how seaway conditions can impact such tasks.

Report presents issues with pilot transfers

The International Maritime Pilots Association conducted a Pilot Ladder Safety providing detailed information regarding the results they have concluded in.
For a Maritime Pilot, embarking and disembarking a ship is a dangerous task. The method of operation has changed very little over the years, and a large percentage of vessels still do not comply with standards for those arrangements.

Deputy sheriff dies after falling from ship’s boarding ladder

The ship was four nautical miles from the Port Elizabeth‚ when the late warrant Officer, Henry Kemp, aged 42, plunged at least 8 metres into the ocean, while climbing a steep ladder to execute a warrant of arrest to the master of the ship, according to SAMSA.


Are we doing enough to keep crew healthy?

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