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Transport Malta investigation: Fatal man overboard from bulker while rigging pilot ladder

Transport Malta MSIU issued an investigation report on a fatal man overboard incident, involving a crew member while rigging a combination pilot ladder onoard the bulk carrier Navios Amitie, in February 2020. At the time of the accident, the crew member was not wearing a safety harness. It is very likely that he drowned because he had no lifejacket on.

IMPA: 12,1% of Pilot Transfer Arrangements reported non-compliant in 2020

IMPA, representing the international community of pilots, conducts an annual safety campaign with the objective of reporting pilots’ experiences of ladders and boarding equipment to the IMO and the wider shipping community. 2020’s campaign received 6,394 reports from pilots operating across the world. 

Case study: Crew member dies after falling from portable ladder onboard

An AB onboard a product tanker suffered severe injuries after falling from a portable ladder, while conducting maintenance work on the launching system for the ship’s free-fall lifeboat and later tragically died from his injuries. The Britannia P&I Club described this case study as part of its BSafe campaign. 

Lessons learned: Falls from step ladders onboard

In its latest Safety Flashes, IMCA examines two different cases of falls of crew members from step ladders which led to injuries. The two incidents highlight the need for proper risk assessments and routine inspections on ladders. 

RMI investigation: Fatal fall from inclined ladder onboard

RMI issued an investigation report on the fatal fall from height of a third engineer onboard the oil tanker Polar Cod while underway in May 2019. The investigation established that the low height of handrail, mixed with high ambient temperatures and psychological stresses of the crew member, probably contributed to this incident. 

Watch: How to ensure a safe boarding

The American P&I Club’s Loss Prevention published a video, in which Danielle Centeno – Vice President, Loss Prevention/Survey Compliance – discusses three keys to safe boarding.

Tanker’s crewmember falls overboard during ladder fixing

According to the French Agency Premar Mediterranee, on Monday 13 April, a crewmember onboard the chemical tanker “Elandra Baltic” fell over the sea while working on the accommodation ladder. In fact, the 55-year old Latvian has fallen during the night, from at least 6 meters high.

APA recommends changes to pilot operations to improve safety

Following the loss of a New York pilot on December 30, the American Pilots’ Association issued a notice to the marine community advising of the dangers of some accommodation ladder/ pilot ladder combination arrangements with integrated embarking platforms.

US marine pilots urge on unsafe trapdoor arrangement

Following the death of a New York pilot back in December 2019, the American Pilots’ Association on behalf of around 1.200 American ship pilots, recently conducted a letter to the US State Pilotage Authorities concerning pilots’ safety.

Seafarers International House joins Dangerous Ladders campaign

The Seafarers International House announced that they are joining the Dangerous Ladders campaign, after the death of a veteran Sandy Hook ship pilot, who fell from an accommodation ladder. The Seafarers International House stated that it is taking part in the campaign to pressure the International Maritime Organization to solve the issue of dangerous ladders and build a safer environment for ship pilots.

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