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ITF rescues seafarers from Mozambique

10 Kenyan seafarers who had travelled to Pemba, Mozambique through Tanzania in August 2019, in order to work on the EU-bound vessel MV Nina were recently rescued by the ITF. The seafarers arrived in Nairobi, Kenya, Tuesday, January 7, prior to traveling home to Mombasa.

Port of Lamu to become a cargo transshipping hub

Kenya’s Lamu port, which is being constructed by China, is expected to be launched in December and will be mainly be a transshipping hub for cargo destined for ports such as Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar and Maputo. The first three berths are to be government-funded, while another 29 berths should be developed under a public-private partnership model.

Mombasa Port stakeholders take measures to tackle illegal wildlife trade

Last week, 76 port and maritime supply chain representatives from 12 countries got together in a Port Stakeholders’ Workshop to agree on measures regarding wildlife trafficking through Mombasa Port, the largest port in Africa and key exit point of African wildlife trafficking, highlighting the urgent need for action against illegal wildlife trade.

​Japan donates patrol boats to Kenya for maritime security

The Japanese Government donated 17 patrol boats to Kenya’s Maritime Police, boosting the country’s efforts in the promotion of maritime security and the fight against terrorism. The Japanese Ambassador to Kenya further noted that Japan could not afford to ignore Kenya’s problem, due to the warm cordial relations between the two nations of more than 50 years. 

Kenya maritime authority boosts effort to tackle ship pollution

In light of port of Mombasa’s efforts to reduce sulphur shipping emissions, the Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) reported that it had inspected 550 ships, adding that the exercise is ongoing. Ships calling at the port are subjected to random inspections by KMA’s State control officers.

Kenya attacks Somalia on offshore block auction over territorial dispute

Somalia is to give offshore blocks to oil companies that are interested, as part of its first offshore licensing round. However, due to maritime territorial dispute between Somalia and Kenya its offshore oil production goals could be risked. Thus, Reuters reported that Kenya ordered its ambassador back home from Somalia, after the Mogadishu government’s decision to auction oil and gas exploration blocks in the Indian Ocean.

FlipFlopi boat sails for cleaner African seas

The ‘FlipFlopi’ boat, is a 9-metre-long dhow, voyaging south along East Africa’s coast to raise awareness of the challenges plastics pose to the ocean, chief boat-builder and captain Ali Skanda stated. The marine ecosystem and the ocean has been crucially affected by the plastic debris and the boat aims to alert and wake up the locals on how they handle and dispose the waste.

Kenya focuses on oil spill training

The Kenya Maritime Authority (KMA) has embarked on training shippers and other maritime members on how to handle oils spills and other cases of pollution in the sea. The training also aimed at teaching on effective action to limit the damage that may result from oil pollution in the Lamu Indian Ocean and other places along the Coast region.

EU NAVFOR, Kenya cooperate to tackle piracy

On 16 of November, EU NAVFOR Italian Warship Federico Martinengo visited the Port of Mombasa, in Kenya. There the ship’s crew carried out the second combined exercise together with Kenyan Navy counterparts. During the exercise, EU NAVFOR’s crew showed techniques to the Kenyan Navy in firefighting, first aid and anti-flooding procedures.

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