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ITOPF issues Practical guidance on oil and chemical spills

17 new technical information papers ITOPF launched a set of 17 new technical information papers (TIPs) earlier this week.These publications represent the culmination of several months of work on the part of ITOPF's staff (past and present) and is claimed to provide realistic and practical guidance on the many aspects of oil and chemical spills.ITOPF's managing director, Dr Karen Purnell, said; "We take pride in the fact that each of these TIPs has been written by our own technical staff and provides advice based on real-life experience from some 700 spills attended worldwide".The set can be downloaded from ITOPF's website publications page at http://www.itopf.com/information-services/publications/technical-reports/Source : ITOPF

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Record ITOPF figures highlight industry s excellent ongoing work

Trend towards fewer spills from tankers and less oil spilt The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) has released its latest annual tanker spills analysis, which shows that the trend towards fewer spills from tankers and less oil spilt is being maintained.Only one large spill from a tanker occurred in 2011; the same as for 2008 and 2009. With only four medium-sized spills recorded for the second year in a row, this means that 2011 saw just five spills of greater than 7 tonnes (50 bbls) from tankers, the lowest on record.Alongside this, the total volume of oil spilt in 2011 was also the lowest on record and, at approximately 1,000 tonnes, represents an infinitesimally small percentage of the volume of oil moved by sea. This combination of record lows is especially encouraging given the ever-increasing quantities of oil transported by sea.To view the ITOPF statistics in full, please click hereSource : ITOPF

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ITOPF seminar on China s pollution regulations

International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation organised seminar on the pollution response The International Tanker Owners Pollution Federation (ITOPF) organised a seminar in Beijing this week on the pollution response aspect of the new Chinese Oil Pollution Regulations. The seminar provided a useful opportunity to hear from the China Maritime Safety Authority (CMSA), the P&I clubs and, for the first time, the oil spill response contractors under the umbrella organisation, CACEM.The China MSA presentation focused on the basics of the rules and the development of an efficient, fair and open emergency response system. Response capabilities must achieve a balance between promoting the shipping industry and protecting the marine environment. To this aim, the MSA emphasised that it is essential that all stakeholders work together.It was also interesting to learn of the proposed licensing structure for the Chinese oil spill response organisations (SPROs) which is to be based on geographic coverage and response capability. (Note that the MSA has yet to issue lists of approved SPROs). In addition, MSA outlined the fee system that would need to be established as part of the agreement between the ship owner and the oil spill contractor.Zhang Chunchang, Deputy Director at the China MSA provided examples ...

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Tanker owners back R&D initiative

ITOPF R&D Award will provide some 50,000 each year A new R&D initiative, funded by shipowners and their P&I insurers, has been launched by ITOPF- the International Tanker Owners' Pollution Federation.The ITOPF R&D Award will provide some 50,000 each year to encourage innovative thinking and provide realistic solutions to some of the challenges faced when responding to accidental oil and chemical spills and undertaking environmental monitoring.The award is available to any organisation, or R&D establishment worldwide and will fund students from all academic disciplines, but particularly those with an applied scientific focus.Deadlines for proposals will be twice a year, in June and December. Proposals will be evaluated by the ITOPF R&D committee, comprised of objective scientists with a wealth of experience in maritime and environmental issues and a keen focus on developing young talent in these areas.The IMO has welcomed this initiative, which has provided people from its marine environment division to sit on the R&D committee.The first applications for the ITOPF R&D Award are invited for this year's deadline of 31st December and further details can be found on ITOPF's website Source: Tanker Operator

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