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ISWAN: A great leader is more than just hierarchy

A recent survey conducted by ISWAN highlighted the importance of social interaction onboard and how senior officers and the power of a great leader are more than just being higher in the hierarchy. 

ISWAN: Key elements of mental health planning onboard

ISWAN issued a new guide focusin on the importance of mental health that has to be maintained within the shipping industry, following the imbalance the pandemic caused, the the impact it had on the seafarers.

How to manage close COVID-19 contacts onboard

ISWAN shares the insight of Dr Sue Stannard, Consultant at the Norwegian Centre of Maritime and Diving Medicine, who explains the current challenges the shipping industry faces due to COVID-19 and provides advice on how to manage close contacts onboard.

Somali pirates release crew after more than five years

Somali pirates released three Iranian crew members, after more than five years in captivity, according to data provided by ISWAN. The three hostages, who were held for 1,975 days by Somali pirates, safely arrived at Tehran.

ISWAN seafarer helpline cases triple amid COVID-19

ISWAN’s seafarer helpline has experienced a surge in demand amid the COVID-19 crisis which has deeply affected seafarers worldwide, with repatriation being at the center of concerns, the organization informed. 

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