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Costa Concordia Investigation Report Available

The incident resulted in the death of 32 persons and the injury of 157 others The Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport (MIT) released the long awaited English translation of its report on the safety technical investigation into the marine casualty on January 13, 2012 involving the cruise ship Costa Concordia.The ship capsized as a result of large-scale internal flooding from a 53-meter long breach of its hull involving five watertight compartments. The breach occurred when the ship allided at a speed of 16 knots with the Scole Rocks off Giglio Island in the Tyrrhenian Sea at 21 45 07 local time.The main cause of the casualty is attributed to"the Master's unconventional behavior". The incident resulted in the death of 32 persons and the injury of 157 others, as well as the loss of the ship and significant environmental damage.Initial findings of the report include the following:Poor route planning and navigation direction;BTW management shortcomings;Poor management of emergency evacuation procedures;EDG functionality CriticalitiesActions to be taken as reported include the following :More detailed passengers info;Voyage plan requested by Solas R V/34 should be made available by the Master to the Company prior ship's departure;Instructions to passengers to be implemented;Muster of passengers to ...

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