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The Project Horizon study

A study in response to the increased evidence of the role of fatigue and sleepiness Project Horizon is a major multi-partner European research study that brought together 11 academic institutions and shipping industry organisations with the agreed aim of delivering emprical data to provide a bettter understanding of the way in which watchkeeping patterns can affect the sleepiness levels of ships' watchkeepers.Read theProject Horizon Research Report 2012 outlined in the excerpts belowFind out more about Project HorizonView the video that includes the initial findingsReason for researchProject Horizon was established in response to growing concern about the increased evidence of the role of fatigue and sleepiness in maritime accidents. It is also closely aligned to the FP7 (Sustainable Surface Transport 2008 RTD-1 call) aims of increased safety and security, and reduced fatalities.The increasingly intensive nature of shipping operations means that seafarers frequently work long and irregular hours. Factors such as noise, vibration, sailing patterns, port calls, cargo handling and other activities can all reduce the ability of seafarers to gain quality sleep during their rest periods.The project was established to:define and undertake scientific methods for measurement of fatigue in various realistic seagoing scenarios using bridge, engineroom and cargo simulatorsdetermine the effects ...

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US Maritime Officers Call on Congress to Take Action on Insufficient Shipboard Manning

Insufficient Shipboard Manning Fuels Fatigue, Boosts Risks Cuts in manning levels and burgeoning paperwork loads are increasing the risk of maritime accidents worldwide. At a time when carriers have reduced crewing levels, ships' officers are being forced to manage the paperwork load generated by a growing number of government regulations. Representatives of officers aboard U.S.-flag ships are calling on Congress to urgently review the situation and respond to the growing risks it entails for people, the environment, and professional mariners-who are increasingly being held criminally liable for accidents."The criminalization of simple professional errors-often the result of fatigue or excessive workload-is without justification when there is no oversight regarding the sufficiency of personnel available to carry out shipboard responsibilities," says Don Marcus, International Secretary-Treasurer of the Masters, Mates & Pilots (MM&P), which represents professional mariners aboard U.S.-flag ships. "While crews are being reduced, the number of international, federal and state regulations that must be complied with and documented has grown exponentially," he says.Marcus made the remarks in testimony April 26 before the House of Representatives Subcommittee on Coast Guard and Maritime Transportation. He spoke on behalf of members of MM&P, the Marine Engineers' Beneficial Association and the American Maritime Officers. Together, ...

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IMCA Publishes Pocket Safety Cards

'Safety Coaching' and 'Workplace Fatigue' 'Safety Coaching' and 'Workplace Fatigue' are the two latest pocket safety cards in the series published by the International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA)."These are card numbers 20 and 21 in the popular and effective series," explains Hugh Williams, IMCA's Chief Executive. "The safety coaching card includes a list of key aspects of the role of a coach, encouraging people to stop and think and provide objective and honest feedback. As we say on the card 'you don't need to have 'Coach' in your job title to undertake coaching - particularly when it comes to safety. Coaching, like any other skill, is something that everyone can learn. Some may be better at it than others.' We go on to list nine key aspects of the role, and then on the other side provide some DOs and DON'Ts to help those set on a coaching path."Recognising and preventing fatigue is important in the quest for safe operations. Our 21st safety card not only helps users identify the symptoms of workplace fatigue in themselves, and others, but on the other side of the card it lists, in two columns, personal responsibilities and supervisor's or manager's responsibilities in preventing ...

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NTSB Chairman Offers Support for National Sleep Awareness Week

Operating a vehicle while fatigued can be deadly For decades, the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) has investigated accidents and incidents, across all modes of transportation where fatigue was a causal or contributory factor. National Sleep Awareness Week (March 5-9) and the start of daylight savings time on Sunday, reminds transportation operators and the public to focus on fatigue."While alcohol is often associated with impairment, operating a vehicle while fatigued can be just as deadly," said NTSB Chairman Deborah A.P. Hersman. "As we move the clocks forward an hour this weekend, transportation operators need to plan for adequate sleep on Sunday night and every other night to safeguard the travelling public."On Saturday, the National Sleep Foundation (NSF) released its 2012 Sleep in America poll. For the first time, the NSF asked transportation professionals about their sleep habits. Many admit to struggling with sleep. According to NSF, nearly one-fourth of pilots and train operators admit that their performance is affected at least once a week by sleepiness. Moreover, one in five pilots acknowledge a serious error, and one in six train operators and truck drivers say that sleepiness has led to a "near miss"."The results of the NSF poll should serve ...

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Science backs anecdote on fatigue

There has been only anecdotal evidence to determine understanding of fatigue For some years there has been growing concern about the reality of the effects of fatigue on marine safety. Accident investigators have identified fatigue as a factor in a considerable number of casualties, notably aboard small short sea traders in particularly intensive operations, where there have been two watchkeepers working watch and watch.Is fatigue caused by a lack of sleep? Is performance affected by sleepiness or a period of disturbed sleep throughout a tour of duty where 6 hour watches are the norm? There might seem to be a reasonable link between these factors, but hitherto there has been only anecdotal evidence (apart from those casualties) to determine understanding of fatigue.Project Horizon, an 11 partner European research study which has seen academic institutions and industry organisations study the effects of fatigue, released its first findings last week. Employing bridge, engine room and cargo simulators, realistic seagoing scenarios were provided for 90 experienced deck and engineer officers who undertook seven day "voyages" on the equipment at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg and Warsash Maritime Academy at Southampton Solent University.Some officers undertook their "voyages in a 4 on, 8 off ...

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Fatigue under the spotlight as Project Horizon draws to a close

Project Horizon is a major, multi-partner European research study Project Horizon concluded this week at the MCA-run Human Element Advisory Group (HEAG) 15 meeting held at Warsash Maritime Academy. The focus of the meeting was on the serious issue of fatigue and was well attended by delegates from across the Industry.Project Horizon is a major, multi-partner European research study which brought together 11 academic institutions and shipping organisations. A summary of the research project has now been published and can be found here.The project provides a scientific support to our present understanding of fatigue and looks at how we can better manage our working environment with the aim of minimising risks from fatigue. Research is planned to further develop a fatigue management toolkit and will also look at how fatigue affects performance.HEAG 15 opened with a summary of earlier work carried out by Cardiff University and an interesting video was shown entitled Seafarers Fatigue Film, which includes commentary from key Industry figures.Further information on the work of HEAG can be found on the MCA websiteFatigue can be a serious health and safety issue, both personally and in decision-making processes. IMO produced MSC/Circ.1014 back in 2001 and the information is still ...

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Horizon Research Project : How Fatigue Affects Seafarers

Fatigue affects decision-making and performance of seafarers A pioneering research project investigating the way in which fatigue affects decision-making and performance of seafarers is set to publish its findings early in the new year.Nautilus officials took part in a meeting at which preliminary results from the 32-month Project Horizon study were presented to members of the European Parliament and European Commission officials, and the Union will also take part in a further meeting with the European Maritime Safety Agency next week.Part-funded by the European Commission, the 4m project made unprecedented use of ship simulators to replicate real-life working patterns and shipboard situations to examine how different watchkeeping rotas affect cognitive performance and decision-making over the course of a week.Nautilus is one of the key shipping industry partners involved in the study. Other organisations include Warsash Maritime Academy, Bureau Veritas, the European Community Shipowners Association, the European Harbour Masters Committee, the International Association of Independent Tanker Owners, the UK Marine Accident Investigation Branch and the Maritime & Coastguard Agency.Project coordinator Graham Clarke said the study has provided scientifically robust results that take knowledge and understanding of the impact of sleepiness at sea to new levels.'The initial findings clearly demonstrate the way ...

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2nd Safety4Sea Forum- Session4 : Marlon Rono

The Crew Manager perspective Marlon Rono, President at Magsaysay Maritime Corporation, is giving a presentation regarding Human element challenges; The Crew Manager perspective, during the 2nd Annual Safety4Sea Forum, Session 4The 2nd Safety4Sea Forum, a PRO BONO event, successfully completed on 5th of October 2011 in Athens, covering a wide range in QHSE issues.The event has been attended by over 340 delegates at the venue representing more than 170 companies, plus more than 100 persons watching live streaming. The event organized by IBS Marine Consulting Group and sponsored by Aspida Maritime Security, Dorian Hellas, Transmar Shipping and Lloyd's Register and supported by BIMCO, Intermanager, SaveOurSeafarers campaign, Steamship Mutual, Green Award, Cardiff University, ELNAVI, NAFTIKA XRONIKA, Tanker Operator, Shipmanagement International and Marintech NewsFor more information about the Forum visithttp://www.safety4sea.com/forum/2For more information about Safety4Sea visit the official site http://www.safety4sea.com

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