Watch: Robot drones to inspect offshore wind farms

A new project launched, aims to construct the world’s first fully autonomous robotic inspection solution, in favour of offshore wind farms. The project will cost $5 million, and the robots are expected to save the average of wind farm by about $33 million. In the meantime, it aspires to present the idea that offshore wind operations and maintenance missions can take place by autonomous and digital means.

Offshore wind sector to experiment with drones and helicopters

RenewableUK reports that the offshore wind industry is now developing and begins thinking of the use of helicopters and drones, as  more than 50% of turbines consented or planned in Europe are over 250m tall. RenewableUK’s latest project Intelligence report shows that those projects, all located in UK waters, will mainly use turbines over 280m tall, while the tallest units currently operational in Europe are 230m.

Robot performs inspections on Gulf of Mexico oil platform

At BP’s Thunder Horse oil platform in the Gulf of Mexico, a robot called Maggie performs the dangerous job of inspection by using magnetic tracks to move through the pipes connecting the oil facility to the sea floor. Maggie by using magnetic crawlers, moves through rigs, platforms, and pipelines leveraging ultrasonic test devices and high-definition cameras.


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