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AMSA: 5 tips to keep a proper lookout

AMSA has issued an updated Marine Notice that serves as a reminder to operators on the importance of adhering to the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea 1972 (known as the Collision Regulations or COLREGs ) to reduce the risk of collision at sea. 

Book of the month: Understanding collision liabilities

Learning from mistakes is vital for preventing casualties and mariners have much to gain from studying the judgements of court cases, which contain valuable lessons for the future. But to what extend is it practical for mariners to read such court documents?

NAVTOR: Too much information on ECDIS can jeopardize navigational safety

Mr. Tor A. Svanes, Managing Director, NAVTOR AS –who recently received the 2020 SMART4SEA Leadership award for his valuable contribution in the e-navigation field – shares his perspective on the the future of navigation. Among many important things to consider in the digital era, Mr. Svanes highlights that one platform for the exchange of all navigational information is vital as well as a new approach on ECDIS.

Improper lookout leads to two vessels’ collision

The Swedish Club issued its 2020 Navigational Claims issue, focusing on a collision between two vessels, resulting to the fact that the lookout of the responsible seafarers at the time of the incident was improper, highlighting that the OOW is always responsible for reporting of any targets observed.

US Navy working on new technology to enable its unmanned ships to make VHF calls

The US Navy is creating a system for its unmanned robotic warships to be able to communicate like human sailors, allowing the ship to safely navigate through waterways. The goal of his technology is to allows human bridge crews to talk with robot ships using normal speech over the worldwide radio system used for ship-to-ship communication.

Lessons learned: Good visibility not enough to prevent collision

The UK MAIB analyzed a case of a collision between a Ro-Ro passenger ferry and a motor cruiser, which was linked to insufficient lookout, despite fine weather and good visibility. Even in such conditions, other vessels can be easily missed if nobody is looking out for them, MAIB underlined. 

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