Two port workers badly injured

Swedish ferry Stena Spirit collided with a crane in the Polish port of Gdynia on Thursday morning. Three port workers were taken to the hospital and two of them are reported to have serious injuries.

Stena Spirit was leaving the port on Poland's Baltic Sea coast at 8.45am on Thursday when she collided with a loading crane which tipped and fell.

"She rammed the stern into the leg of the container crane that collapsed," said Jesper Waltersson at Stena Line.

Waltersson informed that none of the 49 crew or 120 passengers were physically injured in the collision.

The Stena Spirit had set sail for Karlskrona in eastern Sweden but on Thursday afternoon remained in Gydnia.

BCT said in its statement that an investigation would be conducted into the accident and Stena Line remained uncertain when the vessel would be able to depart.

"We are looking at when we can leave the port and are waiting for the authorities to have their say," Jesper Waltersson said.

Source: Maritime Connector