Specifically, the permit covers ships chartered for at least 15 years and is valid up to 30 December 2043.

Generally, according to the amendments to the Russian Merchant Shipping Code that came into force on December 30, 2018, only Russia-flagged vessels could transport hydrocarbons produced in Russia and loaded onto vessels in the waters of the Northern Sea Route to the first unloading or transshipment point.

On the contrary, the new decree enables 28 foreign vessels to transmit LNG that is produced in Russia and loaded onto these vessels in the Arctic port of Sabetta to the first unloading or transshipment point.

Yet, according to the Government, the waivers are to be applicable when natural gas or gas condensate is loaded onto the vessel in Sabetta and unloaded or transshipped in ports located in Murmansk and Kamchatka.

Concluding, the cabinet decided to allow additional foreign vessels to transfer natural gas and gas condensate, only with charter agreements signed for no less that six months until December 30, 2021.