The funding was announced after a Call-For-Proposal (CFP) by CAAS and the Ministry of Transport. The CFP aims to support the development of systems and technologies to enable innovations for the use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems.


The maximum funding available is SGD1.5 million, or up to 50% of the total project qualified costs. Describing the potential development of UAS for shore-to-ship deliveries, the winning proposal from Wilhelmsen Ships Service highlighted how UAS delivery could improve safety, productivity and efficiency.

Wilhelmsen believes that delivery by UAS can limit shore-to ship delivery costs by up to 90%, as well as removing the safety risks that come with the delivery via launch boat.

Before this announcement, Airbus and Wilhelmsen Ships Service have entered into a strategic collaboration to drive the development of shore-to-ship drone delivery to  Singapore. The announcement was made on the sidelines of Posidonia exhibition in Athens earlier his month, with an MoU signed by Airbus’ and Wilhelmsen’s representatives.

Skyways is an experimental project aimed at developing a safe and commercially viable aerial unmanned delivery system for use in dense urban cities in its first trial phase. The project is being led by a team in Singapore, where plans are progressing towards the launch of a first trial system at the National University of Singapore in July.