Specifically, overall 9.6 million tonnes of freight was transmitted through the Ports of Stockholm in 2018, equal to 2017's amount of freight.

In addition, ro-ro freight transport rose by 4%, reaching the 7.2 million, whereas container volumes reached an overall of 57.400 TEU.

Furthermore, the number of ferry passengers was a record in Sweden, again, with up to 11 million passengers passing in 2018.

Concerning the cruise sector, 2018 was a milestone as the passenger numbers increased to 1.07 million. This shows that the number rose up by 50.000 passengers compared to 2017.

Thomas Andersson, Ports of Stockholm Managing Director stated

2018 was our best year, both financially and in terms of volumes.

Through a six-year period that is coming to an end, Ports of Stockholm made crucial investment in three ports to meet growth, sustainable urban development, and future shipping needs.

The Ports of Stockholm Group comprises the parent company Stockholms Hamn AB and the subsidiaries Nynäshamns Hamn AB, Kapellskärs Hamn AB and Nynäshamns Mark AB.