Barges are so large and heavy that they can break free when they are anchored. That happened sometimes with the tide changes. We don’t want that. The berthing facilities were realised in close consultation with various barge operators,

...noted Ronald Paul, COO from the Port of Rotterdam Authority.

There is space for five barges per berthing location. The central berths are for barges from 76.5 to 90 metres, the outer two for barges from 90 to 110 metres. There is at least 110 metres space between the berthing locations.

The operations will be carried out by De Klerk from Werkendam. The five berths for barges will be completed by the end of September.

This comes in line with the Port's aspiration to be the safest in the world, with a variety of services and projects to make the port as safe as possible for everyone.