Governor of Argentina Gustavo Adolfo Valdes with other foreign representatives, visited the Port of Riga to negotiate for the agreement. They discussed about container terminals collaboration, possibilities for storage and shipping trade and a potential cooperation in the area of timber logistics.

This is a great opportunity to improve bilateral visibility and understand what we can do together. As to cooperation with Argentina, we have to think more in terms of working together and not so much in simple trade in goods.

... said Juris Štālmeistars, Director of the Economic relations, Trade and Development Cooperation Directorate of the Latvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

During the visit was held a business seminar, to further converse about future collaboration aspects between Latvia and Corrientes, Argentina.


At the seminar, Corrientes' officials presented a general review of port's economy, an export potential map and introduced their development project of a new river in the province.

Latvian officials from their side, accepted to assist to this implementation and focused on the extensive possibilities and advantages the Port of Riga and the Latvian transport can provide them.

For the records, Corrientes province is located in northeast Argentina, and is known for highly developed agriculture, forestry and food production. While Freeport of Riga, plays a major role in global and regional cargo in the Baltic Sea region, providing safe and reliable services. At the moment is improving connectivity services through working on 5G solution tests.