Namely, the partnership was announced on December 5th by Angela Titzrath, Chairwoman of HHLA’s Executive Board, and Dirk Ahlborn, founder and CEO of HTT, at a joint event.

As explained both companies aspire to construct and develop a Hyperloop system to transport shipping containers in high speed. The testing will be conducted at HHLA terminal in Hamburg with the construction of a transfer station.


Moreover, the idea of Hyperloop is about transporting people and products at a high speed. This will be achieved with a magnetic levitation technology. Also, the transport capsules used in the Hyperloop system will be transferred through a tunnel, where there is a partial air vacuum, reaching or surpassing speeds over 1000 km/h.

For testing purposes the construction of a track, transferring people and products, is taking place in Toulouse, France, where the first journeys through Europe will begin there, next year.

Angela Titzrath addressed that the Hyperloop transport system will improve the transportation of cargoes in and around the Port of Hamburg.

Finally, Dirk Ahlborn stated that HHLA is a innovative company and aspires to develop a high-tech system by taking into account the challenges a port faces in a daily operation.