Specifically, the break bulk operations consisted of the fully loaded Seri Bijaksana vessel carrying LNG cargo from Gladstone LNG, Australia, transferring smaller parcels onto two other vessels for onward deliveries to different LNG terminals in Shanghai, China.


According to the company's statement, the first cargo was transferred to the 80,000-cbm Arctic Spirit, while the second cargo transfer was done with another similar size vessel, Polar Spirit.

The STS transfers through Arctic and Polar Spirit vessels were conducted in 72 hours, manifesting a just-in-time (JIT) principle, driving the operational cost to the minimum level.

PETRONAS Vice President LNG Marketing & Trading Ahmad Adly Alias commented

The second STS operation by PETRONAS demonstrates the Company’s ability to respond to the changing landscape of LNG delivery and customers’ demand for customised solutions, at the same time supporting the growth of the LNG market in areas with limited operational parameters.

In addition, the STS operation was a joint effort from the Department of Ports and Harbour of Sabah, Sabah Ports Authority, Sabah Ports, Argo Engineering, Eastport Marine, MISC, Asian Supply Base, Teekay LNG Partners and Shenergy Group.

Concluding, in June 2018, PETRONAS completed its first STS operations at the same site in Brunei Bay, a location gazetted for STS operations due to its calm waters.