According to the initial investigation, on Sunday, January 12, a Chinese crewmember accidentally fell into the cargo hold and suffered a head injury while on duty.

The PCG Surface Support Force (SSF) immediately dispatched BRP Malabrigo (MRRV-4402) to conduct medical evacuation.


BRP Malabrigo arrived at the Cunanan Wharf, PCG National Headquarters on Monday, January 13 and successfully evacuated the injured Chinese crew.

He was then properly turned over to an ambulance that transported him to a nearby hospital for further medical assistance.

What is more, recently, the USCG rescued three crewmembers from the sinking 62-foot tugboat, Gulf Man, approximately 6 miles northeast of Andros Island, in the Bahamas, on Thursday, January 9.

Lt. Andrew Connell, operations officer at Air Station Clearwater commented that “thanks to the proper utilization of an EPIRB, we were able to get on scene and rescue three people from a very dangerous situation,” adding that "always properly prepare yourself with safety and communications equipment before taking to the sea. Flares, EPIRBs and VHF radios can be game changers in the event of an emergency."

The ITF had to rescue 10 Kenyan seafarers who had travelled to Pemba, Mozambique through Tanzania in August 2019, in order to work on the EU-bound vessel MV Nina.
In fact, it is said that the seafarers were stranded on the vessel, which had technical problems, for four months without any contracts or adequate food; any of their attempts to contact the Iranian owner of the vessel were met with intimidation and death threats.