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Fire broke out on cargo vessel off Batangas

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) was called to combat a fire that broke out onboard the Philippine-registered cargo vessel, MV Moreta Venture at the vicinity waters 1.2 nautical miles southwest off Marikaban Island, Batangas, on 20 July.

PCG rescues injured crew from Chinese cargo vessel

According to a recent statement, the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) recently rescued an injured crew of a Chinese cargo vessel “MV Wuzhou 8” along the vicinity waters off Corregidor Island, Cavite. According to the initial investigation, on Sunday, January 12, a Chinese crewmember accidentally fell into the cargo hold and suffered a head injury while on duty.

Ship suffers engine failure off Samar, 48 evacuated

The Philippine Coast Guard rescued a total of 48 passengers and crew from the ship ‘Twins G-2’, while at the vicinity waters of Barangay Astorga, Daram, Samar, on 30 August. Investigation revealed that an engine failure started due to the explosion of the starboard’s engine fuel line.

149 passengers rescued from listing ship off Cebu

The Philippine Coast Guard rescued a total of 149 passengers and 18 crew members from the cargo ship ‘Mika Mari 8’, which listed heavily while at Port of Consuelo, Cebu, on Saturday. Four of the passengers suffered minor injuries and were brought to hospital as a result.

Crew man falls overboard bulk carrier off Taiwan

A crew member went overboard from the Hong Kong-flagged bulk carrier ‘KSL Singapore’ while the ship was 8.26 nautical miles Southwest of Orchid Island, Taiwan, according to data provided by the Philippine Coast Guard (PCG). The man was last seen onboard on 24 August.

Three capsized ferry boats result to 31 dead in the Philippines

The Philippines were struck by a fatal incident, after three passenger motorboats capsized off the city Iloilo, Panay, on Saturday, August 3. The capsized incident resulted to 31 of the passengers found dead, according to Iloilo city officials. 

Panama-flagged cargo vessel runs aground off Cebu

According to the Philippine Coast Guard, a Panama-flagged cargo vessel ran aground near Philippine Lauis Ledge Lighthouse, off Talisay coast, Cebu, on August 3. The incident took place when the vessel was entering the Traffic Separation Scheme, South Cebu-Mactan.

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