This comes after confirmed reports of an oil spill at sea while a trade vessel was being refueled. Namely, it was reported that up to 200-400 litters of fuel well spilled into the ocean. However, the bunkering services company, SA Marine Fuels, activated an oil spillage control exercise to contain its spread on water.

According to the Department of Environmental, Forestry and Fisheries:

It was reported that approximately 200 to 400 litters of fuel from the receiving vessel MV Chrysanthi S, flag state Liberia, was spilled into the sea as a result of overflow during the fuel transfer.  SA Marine Fuels proceeded to dispatch a commercial oil spill response service provider to mitigate and contain the spread of the spill. This incident is currently considered a Tier 1 level incident which does not require intervention from the national authorities as local resources are sufficient. The department will provide assistance if the incident escalates and requires it


In addition, weather conditions in the Algoa Bay area on the day of the incident were hindering operations, which include wildlife assessments. However, the situation is under control, and the oil is not expected to reach the coast, as it currently is moving in an offshore direction. Moreover, a contingency plan is in place for the Diaz Zone (Algoa Bay) and the Department will activate it if it  determines that the could reach the shore.

Now, SAMSA with other authorities will carry out a comprehensive investigation of the incident. An inspection started on July 8, aiming to check if the beach and islands are affected. According to initial estimations, there were no oil traces on the water in the areas yet.

Finally, the department added than an Incident Management Organisation (IMOrg), has been established through Operation Phakisa Oceans Economy to mitigate South Africa's oil spill response capability in the marine environment.