Typically, crew have recorded ablog data using dedicated onboard software, and emailed it to those involved.

However this was a time consuming process which made it difficult to analyze data immediately.

Additionally, not all systems onboard and on shore can be linked, requiring duplicate input of the same data.

Considering the above issues, MOL collaborated with Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. and developed an application that can be used from a web browser via satellite without dedicated software.

As the company stated:

At the early stages of development, it took time to connect to the server from the vessel due to the limitations of satellite communications onboard, and the discrepancy in speed compared to shoreside systems made the app impractical to use. However, in cooperation with Microsoft Japan the development team achieved superior performance of the app, improving operational efficiency and connectivity with other systems.

As explained, the app eliminates the need for email transmission of ship operational data, system management, and upgrades of dedicated software.

At the same time it reduces data input workload by linkage with other systems both onboard and on shore.

For the records, the company has already installed the web app on 197 vessels and will continue to install it on more vessels in succession.

MOL strives to efficiently collect ship operation data and offer stress-free transport services through the effective use of the app, with the aim at safe and low environmental impact operations.

...MOL concluded.