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Shipping digitalization: The power of data sharing and data harmonization 

In this smart world that we live in, the hard part is not to keep up with the technological changes, but to find the pieces missing and connect all of our digital knowledge to fill the gaps. Thus, when it comes to the shipping industry, although digitalization is the future, it is important that the industry focuses on two things; Data harmonization and data sharing. 

Initiative focuses on marine battery health

The research institute Fraunhofer ISE, battery supplier Corvus, Carnival Maritime GmbH and DNV GL joined forces and launched an initiative called “DDD-Batman”, in order to study maritime battery health.

Watch: The digitalization era through the eyes of the IMO

As October is annually recognized as Cyber Security Awareness Month (NCSAM), during a digital discussion, the International Maritime Organization highlighted the importance of digitalization in the shipping industry, explaining its role through an animation.

Port of LA to enhance supply chain via new data service

Port of Los Angeles plans to launch a new supply chain key dashboard data in order that all supply chain stakeholders have access and can use forward-looking information to better plan and prepare for inbound cargo.

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