Considered as one of the world’s largest Panamax-type bulker pool, Maruklav Management Inc. will be led by Michael Jørgensen as the company MD, with Masashi Kobayashi from Marubeni as Deputy MD.

The consolidation of the two pools through MaruKlav, each previously managed separately by Klaveness and Marubeni respectively, will bring a wealth of added-experience into the pool and maximize return to pool participants. It will also contribute to a high level of customer satisfaction. Marubeni stated.

Maruklav will operate a Panamax Pool, where data insights and analytics will be the major driver for decision-making and correct positioning of the pool vessels,  as the operator of around 30 vessels.

Klaveness' offices in Oslo, Dubai and Singapore will be responsible for pool activities' daily management, while experienced executives from the existing Marubeni pool operations, will boost the project even further.

Through their analytical approach to pool management, Maruklav goals to enhance and enable greater flexibility and adaptation to the risk appetite of each individual vessel owner.

The combination of existing fleets in the MG Harrison Shipping and Baumarine Pools will see the venture with a fleet of approximately 30 vessels starting early April, making it the leading Panamax pool operator in the world.

...Klaveness continued.


Both companies's long-terms vision, goals to compete existing period structures and pool models, setting new competition targets.

MaruKlav in this respect welcomes all owners in the industry to collaborate around the existing and common challenges in our industry.

...the company concluded.