As Al-Jazeera informs, five Iranian-flagged tankers are heading towards Venezuela. In light of this, Iran's foreign minister warned against US's movements in deploying its navy to the Caribbean to create disruption in the transfer of Iran's fuel to Venezuela.

The minister added that any such action would be "illegal and a form of piracy", noting that the US would be responsible for "the consequences".

Now, speaking to Reuters, a senior official in US President Donald Trump's administration told that the US was considering measures in response to Iran's shipment of fuel to Venezuela.

The US has imposed sanctions in order to end oil exports by both Iran and Venezuela.

Currently, five Iranian tankers are carrying about $45.5m worth of petrol, and are sailing to Venezuela. This is part of a wider deal between Iran and Venezuela.

All the vessels belong to Iranian state-owned or state-linked companies, flying under the Iranian flag. Since a pressure campaign on Iranian vessels began, the country's ships cannot fly flags of convenience of other nations.