In fact, MPA along with the National Environment Agency's Port Health and the Ministry of Health collaborated for the crewmember's treatment, while they put the other personnel onboard in quarantine for 14 days and disinfected the vessel.

Moreover, the infected crewmember had been absolutely recovered and returned back home. As for the vessel's personnel, they successfully completed their quarantine since they remained without any symptoms of the virus. The ship now resumes its normal operations.

For the records, on 12 February, the Port Health awarded the cargo vessel with a free pratique certificate, meaning that the ship is without infectious disease or plague on board and therefore permitted to enter port and to allow people to board and disembark.

In light of the coronavirus situation, MPA noted:

MPA reminds the shipping community to continue to stay vigilant and take the necessary precautionary measures. MPA will monitor the evolving situation and work closely with our partner agencies and the industry.

Overall, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore informed that they will provide to passenger vessels a 50% port dues concession, to assist those who have experienced a drop in passenger volumes due to COVID-19 outbreak.