In fact, the inked contact involves deepening the bed by 100 metres along the coastal wall quay, which will further increase the depth to 428 metres.

For the records, the project was first approved back in September 2018, and its total value is estimated at 17,389,436.00 EUR, with a share co-financed by EU grants of 20% in the independent implementation of the Port of Rijeka Authority.

In light of the situation, Emmanuel Papagiannakis, AGCT CEO, commented:

The 100m deepening is crucial for our business as the required berth depth is a key requirement for container shipping companies to efficiently keep calling Port of Rijeka and for AGCT to remain a gateway in North Adriatic.

What is more, the signed agreement for the project “ Upgrade of the Rijeka Port infrastructure – AGCT Dredging  was signed by Denis Vukorepa, Director of the Port of Rijeka Authority and Orianna Boscolo Contadin, Member of the Management Board, NUOVA CO.ED.MAR Srl.