For the safety of human life at sea, ships are requested to lookout for human trafficking syndicates taking advantage of migrants, where the migrants are put unto overcrowded and unseaworthy boats.

As explained, these illegal boats are also easy target for pirates/robbers and pose great danger to migrant lives. These boats are reported to be en-route to Malaysia. These illegal migrant smuggling boats are usually modified fishing boats with a tarpaulin at the center of the boats used for cover to avoid detection by sea and air.

Each of these boats may possibly carry between 200 to 500 people.
While in these waters, ships are requested to lookout for any suspicious looking small/fishing boats with above descriptions and report to IMB Piracy Reporting Centre.

Your information can stop these illegal trafficking and save lives at sea, Liberian Maritime Authority

Lastly, the Authority requests vessels to report any suspicious activity at IMB Piracy Reporting Centre (IMB PRC). ''If possible, take photos and forward them to both the email addresses of IMB PRC and LISCR, LLC Maritime Security, and/or IMB PRC Whatsapp or Telegram.'' Liberia stated.