In January 2020 Pon Power started its engine testing programme with a Caterpillar 3508 spark ignited high speed gas engine. The engine operated on 100% methanol as a fuel.

The tests were performed successfully and the test setup enables the researchers to study questions regarding optimisation of ignition timing, lubricating requirements, and emissions. In the coming months Pon Power and the Netherlands’ Defence Academy will continue to perform more engine tests on this Caterpillar 3508 engine.

The Netherlands’ Defence Academy (NLDA) is also preparing a test programme for their MAN engine. These tests include methanol injection direct in the cylinder blended with diesel which acts as pilot fuel for igniting the mixture.

The tests will include both a mixture stabilised by an emulsifier and a mixture blended mechanically. Tests are planned with methanol intake through the air inlet and ignition using diesel injected direct in the cylinder.

During 2020 more engine tests will be executed, providing essential data for several future ship designs and propulsion trains on board.

In addition, the consortium has recently extended its membership with the addition of two organisations:

  • Rijksrederij;
  • Ghent University.