On Wednesday 13 September, a formal ceremony was held in London to welcome the Korean Register in this network of socially responsible incentive providers.

Through participation at the scheme, Korean Register is offering Green Award certificate holders a 30% discount on a subscription to KR-CON, its electronic database which contains all of the latest IMO conventions, codes, resolutions and circulars. Mr. Lee Jeong-kie, Chairman and CEO of Korean Register, said:

"We are proud to offer KR-CON to Green Award certificate holders as an incentive and reward for more environmentally friendly operations. This underlines KR's commitment to the protection of the natural environment. Our latest edition of KR-CON offers even better functionality and data access allowing users to quickly and accurately to find whatever information they need."​

A formal welcome ceremony was also held earlier, on 7 September, to welcome T&T Salvage at the foundation.

Supporting Green Award ships, T&T Salvage will offer them a 15% reduction on Standard Tariff Rates on T&T Salvage personnel and equipment during Salvage response operations. Mr. Mauricio Garrido, President T&T Salvage, commented:

“We are grateful and honored for the opportunity to support the Green Award Foundation.  T&T remains committed to leading by example in protecting our marine environment and leaving a better world for future generations.”

Mr Dimitrios Mattheou, chairman of the Green Award Foundation, stated:

“Companies that are not embracing sustainability and social responsibility today, will lose tomorrow. It is at the best interest of the maritime industry and all humanity that all parties support companies that implement safe practices and strive to reduce their environment footprint.”

From left: Mr Elias Psyllos, Vice President - Commercial and Risk of T&T Salvage; Capt Dimitrios Mattheou, Chairman of the Green Award Foundation; Mr Mauricio Garrido, President of T&T Salvage; Mr Jan Fransen, Executive Director of the Green Award Foundation; Mr Alexander Christensen, Business Development at T&T Salvage