RenewableUK reveals that the total capacity of offshore wind projects worldwide which are operational, under construction, consented, in planning or in development currently stands at 197.4 gigawatts (GW), up from 134.7GW in mid-January. Just over half of the pipeline (50.5%) is in Europe (99.6GW).

The UK holds the top spot with a total pipeline of 41.3GW, up 12% since January when it stood at 36.9GW. China has gained two positions, from fourth place into second, with a significant 80% increase from 14.5GW to 26.1GW. The USA retains third place with 10% growth (from 16.2GW to 17.8GW). Brazil has emerged from nowhere to go straight into fourth place with 16.3GW. Taiwan stays at number five with a 65% increase from 9.2GW to 15.2GW.

Germany has dropped from second to sixth place because of a 29% decrease in its pipeline from 16.5GW in January to 11.7GW in October. The Netherland is in seventh position with a 58% increase from 7.2GW to 11.4GW. In eighth place, Ireland’s pipeline expanded by 44% from 6.3GW to 9.1GW. Poland is in ninth position with 72% growth this year from 5.3GW to 9.1GW. Vietnam was outside the top ten at the start of the year but is now in tenth place with 8.6GW.

RenewableUK’s Deputy Chief Executive Melanie Onn, stated:

The global appetite to develop new offshore wind projects remains enormous, despite the pandemic this year, as this research proves. The UK and many other countries are counting on the rapid growth of the offshore wind sector to be a key driver in the worldwide green economic recover

In terms of operational capacity, the UK still has the most in the world (10.4GW), Germany is in second place with 7.7GW, China is third (4.6GW), Belgium fourth (1.8GW) and Denmark fifth with 1.7GW.