Now, all four wells and both subsea flowlines are fully operational, with well productivities in line with or better than pre-production expectations.

What is more, venting operations associated with startup were successful, resulting in no impact to onshore communities and with emissions levels are substantially below permitted limits.


As of now, natural gas sales have been established to Israel, Jordan, and Egypt. Gas sales to Jordan started on January 1, with gas exports to Egypt beginning January 15. Gas sales into Egypt are using the EMG Pipeline as planned. Interconnects between the Israeli, Jordanian and Egyptian pipeline networks are now fully operating.

Furthermore, combined gross natural gas sales from the Leviathan and Tamar fields to date have averaged 1.5 billion cubic feet equivalent per day (Bcfe/d) in January, with peak days up to 1.7 Bcfe/d.

J. Keith Elliott, Noble Energy’s Senior Vice President, Offshore, stated:

Leviathan natural gas provides redundancy in supply domestically and enables Israel to further transition from coal, improving air quality for Israel’s citizens. Additionally, the asset supports regional economic cooperation and development through its exports to both regional and global customers