The modification work for the four ships, MS Finnsky, MS Finnsun, MS Finntide, MS Finnwave, will start within September 2017, one vessel at a time. The first vessel to be converted leaves for the shipyard on 25th of September.

The close to 30% capacity increase is expected to considerably reduce the fuel consumption per transported unit, compared to the former running of the vessel, further improving energy efficiency and thus contributing to emissions reduction.

The conversion of each vessel will take them out of service for some 9 weeks, during which the capacity of some routes is reduced temporarily.

"We place great emphasis on environmental and safety matters and our customers will benefit not only from the increased capacity but also from more environmentally friendly and sustainable services after these investments," the company stated.

The company announced that the routes Uusikaupunki / Turku-Travemünde, Hanko-Rostock and Helsinki-Rostock / Aarhus will be affected due to the project in which there will be as little discruption as possible.

The following image illustrates how the lengthening of the vessels is being done.

The vessel will be cut into two and a 30-metre section will be inserted between the parts. When the sections are welded together again, each vessel will have around 1,000 additional lane metres to her capacity.