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Fuel performance monitoring in real life: problems and solutions

During the 2020 SAFETY4SEA Limassol Forum, Giampiero Soncini, Marine Division – Chief Executive Officer, IB Marine, focused on fuel management on board ships, commenting that efficient fuel monitoring can be achieved through digitalization. Sharing the strengths of digitalizing onboard data, he concluded that fuel performance is different in theory and in practice, given that the majority of vessels are old, and that digitalization needs planning in order to be effective.

EIA: US natural gas consumption achieves record in 2019

The US Energy Information Administration reported that the US natural gas consumption rose by 3% in 2019, achieving a record of 85.0 billion cubic feet per day (Bcf/d). The increase was due to new natural gas-fired electric capacity and lower natural gas prices.

A rapid pivot to gas needed to deal with global demand, report says

An international energy consultancy launched the “Rapid pivot to gas” report highlighting that turning to gas will be the solution to deal with the increasing global energy demand. This assumption expects the phasing out of coal and oil in response to vehicle electrification and environmental pressures, along with a rapid and robust increase in renewable production.

PGS partners with Cognite for digitalization project

Cognite collaborates with Petroleum Geo-Services (PGS) on a digitalization project, to optimize the performance of its fleet, the energy consumption, as well as the maintenance. To improve data driven insights and efficiency, the two partners launched two digitalization work streams aimed to strengthen PGS’s fleet performance.

Owners, charterers: Voyage efficiency savings of 28% are possible

A recent survey found out that the shipping industry sees a vast potential reduction in fuel consumption, while owners, managers, operators and charterers felt that on average, it was possible to reduce 28% of their fuel consumption – a figure that aligns with some recent studies on voyage optimisation.

Intra Mare, GreenStream to reduce GHG emissions

Intra Mare announced that will provide its support to the GreenStream’s machine learning-based vessel performance optimisation software in Greece. Specifically, the machine platform will use all the available data to measure vessels’ fuel consumption in order to boost their performance by saving fuel cost and reducing emissions.

IEA: CO2 emissions from fuel combustion reach new heights

After three years of stability, global CO2 emissions from fuel combustion started rising again in 2017, reaching 32.8 billion tons, according to data provided by IEA in late 2019. Provisional data show they grew even faster in 2018.

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