EMSA SafeSeaNet

On 23 October, EMSA hosted a training course on theSafeSeaNet application for EU marine pollution responseexperts with the goal to present how the system can supportboth marine environment protection and the initial responseoperations in case of a pollution incident.

Thirty participantsfrom 22 member states and two Commission representativesattended the course, which focused mainly on the improvedincident report (POLREP) framework and the enhancedSafeSeaNet graphical interface.

A comprehensive training coursewas delivered on the incident report module which allows usersto create and distribute information related to pollution incidentsto the member states concerned.

Participants also received anupdate on the forthcoming link between SafeSeaNet and theCommon Emergency Communication and Information System(CECIS) for the exchange of POLREPs, and on the activitiescarried out by the Hazmat working group.

The attendees gave verypositive feedback on the training and acknowledged the addedvalue of SafeSeaNet for the pollution response community.

Source: EMSA