Namely, media reported that CMP rejected an offer to receive a shore power facility for free. This is incorrect the port said, explaining that there will be significant establishing and operating costs.

The conditions in Kristiansand, to where the facility (converter) is being shipped, is different from the conditions in Copenhagen.


The challenges with cruise ships and emissions are not new. The tendency for planned ships are primarily focusing on LNG, which around 20% of coming new cruise ships are being prepared for, according to the order books.

There is also search for more solutions, and CMP said that it is in dialogue with a Danish utility company regarding a solution which likely might be mobile, more efficient and with less installation costs.

CEO Barbara Scheel Agersnap, stated:

The port is a catalyst for the city. We will also find a solution this time. Therefore, it is very pleasant to conclude that the City Hall has announced they are focusing on finding a good solution.