source: RISK4SEA

Deficiency per Inspection

A significant reduction in deficiencies has partly affected the deficiency per inspection factor.

source: RISK4SEA

Detention Rate

Same the detention per inspection factor reduced almost to half during 2010 but since then an increasing trend is noticed


source: RISK4SEA

Top 5 Deficiency Categories

The top 5 deficiency categories remain more or less the same and are parted by:

  1. Safety Of Navigation
  2. Fire Fighting
  3. Labor Conditions
  4. Life Saving Appliances
  5. Cartificate & Documentation

It is worth noticing that since MLC implementation (2013), labor conditions have been reduced almost to half in comparison with previous years.


Source: RISK4SEA

Concluding, Paris MoU is considered as one of the challenging areas for PSC inspections given that almost all northern part of the region is designated as Special Area & ECA area. PSCOs in Paris MoU are well trained and focus inspections on serious practical items that may put in danger human life, vessel, cargo and environment.

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