This means that in 21 cases the navigation systems are not meeting SOLAS requirements and had deficiencies, which were serious enough to detain the ship, resulting in a CIC-topic related detention rate of 2.14%.


Results by ship types / Credit: BS MoU


  • A total of 180 questionnaires had at least a non-compliance to a requirement, resulting 18.3% of CIC inspections.
  • The overall average per cent of non-conformities was 2.68.
  • The most notable non-conformities observed was:
    -->lack of exhibition of navigation/signal lights in accordance with the requirements of COLREG72 (7.6%), followed by
    -->lack of passage plan covering the whole voyage (6.2%) and
    -->whether ship’s VDR/SVDR record data fully (2.9%).
  • A total of 358 (36.42%) CIC inspections concerned general cargo/multi-purpose ships, followed by
    --> bulk carriers with 333 (33.88%) inspections,
    -->oil tankers with 130 (13.22%) inspections and
    -->chemical tankers with 72 (7.32%) inspections,
    which comprises 821 (83.51%) total CIC inspections.
  • A total of 13 (61.9%) ships detained for CIC-related deficiencies were general cargo/multipurpose ships, followed by
    -->bulk carriers with 4 (19.05%) detentions, and
    -->Ro-Ro Cargo ships with 2 (9.52%) detentions,
    which comprises 19 (90.48%) of CIC topic related detentions.
  • Most inspections were carried out on board ships flying the flags of Panama with 147 (14.95%) inspections, Malta with 109 (11.08%) inspections, Liberia with 74 (7.53%) inspections and Turkey with 70 (7.12%) inspections.
  • A total of 12 flags had CIC-topic related detentions. These flags cover 55.65% of the CIC inspections.
  • A total of 43 flags, covering 44.35% of the CIC inspections, had no CIC-related detentions at all.
  • A total of 24 flags, covering 9.76% of the total CIC inspections, had no non-conformities.
  • It is observed that ships younger than 15 years age performing relatively well with 566 (58.58%) inspections with only 2 CIC topic related detentions. Older ships, particularly those 30 years and older, show reason for concern with majority of detentions 11 (52.4%) and 98 (40.0%) non-conformities, although subjecting one fourth of inspections 241 (24.5%).

Results by ship age

High CIC topic related detention rate, CIC inspections with non-conformities, unfavourable results...raise concern industry level of compliance to the SOLAS Chapter V in particular overall status of the vessel’s navigation safety.


  1. Basic findings of the report in general, analysis of the responses to the questionnaire and breakdown of major non-conformities by ship flag, ship type and age, to be submitted IMO III Sub-committee 5th session.
  2. PSC Officers should be instructed to submit CIC Questionnaire for each initial PSC inspection during the campaign, and;
  3. Continue to put emphasis on the vital requirements of the SOLAS when performing PSC inspections, particularly the requirements that raised the most concern in the CIC.
    -lack of proper exhibition of navigation/signal lights in accordance with the requirements of COLREG72: Q11: 75 (30.6%)
    -lack of the passage plan cover the whole voyage: Q8: 61 (24.9%);
    -ship’s VDR/SVDR not record data fully: Q5: 23 (9.4%).

The campaign was conducted under the campaign coordination of the Bulgarian Maritime Administration.

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