The proposed regulations will replace Canada’s existing Ballast Water Control and Management Regulations. They now address Canada’s obligations under the International Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments and include requirements for ships to:

  • Implement a Ballast Water Management Plan approved by the Minister;
  • Be surveyed and carry an International Ballast Water Management Certificate;
  • Meet a performance standard that limits the discharge of organisms capable of reproducing—typically using a Ballast Water Management System;
  • Record ballast water operations and maintain a Ballast Water record book on board;
  • Be subject to periodic inspections in ports or offshore terminals to ensure compliance.


The suggested regulations would apply to Canadian vessels everywhere and vessels in waters under Canadian jurisdiction. This includes, for the first time, extending ballast water standards to Great Lakes vessels, for example ships sailing in this region between Canada and the US and other Canadian domestic ships.



The publication in Canada Gazette, Part I, marks the start of a 90-day consultation period and interested parties will have until September 5, 2019, to submit comments.

Stronger ballast water regulations are needed to protect our environment and economy. Scientific evidence indicates that the proposed Regulations would prevent at least 60 invasions over the next 25 years, many of which would cause severe economic or environmental damage

Marc Garneau stated.